asleep at the mouse

Last night I shouldn’t have even been playing. It was late, I was tired—I had literally been on the computer all day trying to get this blog set up to my liking, checking out countless other web logs for design and content. When I finally did sign on to Pacific Poker, I found myself nodding between hands, this close to bouncing my head off the keyboard.

In the 25 minutes I’d been at the table I’d played three hands: a pair of tens (which I ended up folding on the turn to a strong raise and a probable flush on the board), a pair of kings, and KJ off suit from the small blind. I was playing $.25/$.50 No Limit ($50 max) and I was down $13. In the last hand of the night for me, I picked up pocket sixes. I ended up getting into a preflop raising war with the big stack at the table. I thought he was trying to make a play at me, since he was on the button. So I pushed all in. Bad move. He called. Neither of us got help from the board. But he didn’t need help. He showed pocket kings.

I guess I need work on my reads.

When he reraised me the second time preflop, I should’ve known I was beat. But I suffered from the offspring of fatigue and frustration—poor judgment. I remember watching a David Sklansky video and one of the few reasons he gave for leaving a cash game was becoming too tired. He said that he didn’t believe in bad cards or the concept of quitting while you were ahead. But he did say if it became obvious that you were at a disadvantage, whether it was that you were being outplayed, emotionally upset, distracted, or just tired, then it was time for you to get up and leave.

The truth for me is that I should have never sat down last night.


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  1. titans01 on

    Hey I like the looks and color of your blog. You using CSS to make it?

  2. blackscribe on

    No, not at all, just using one of the standard available themes; this one is called Light.

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