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Why I like online poker even when I’m losing…

Some sites, like Pacific Poker, are dead, it’s like a funeral parlor at the table. No chatting whatsoever, maybe due to the unwieldy chat box, maybe because many of the players are multi-tabling. Some sites have players that are just plain mean. Everyone is a poker snob, sitting around a $.01/$.02 table berating opponents who play badly. Hello… It’s the one cent/two cent table!! Then there are some sites, mainly the smaller, newer ones like Bodog and Mansion, where signing on to play poker is like going to your local bar. There’s always a lot of familiar faces (or screen names, in this case), plenty of laughs and good natured ribbing.

Some snippets from last night’s session at Mansion:

diesel1115 says: “all in GAYBOY”

diesel1115 says: “nh gayboy”

gaboy80 says: “thx”

blackscribe says: “there you go, diesel”

blackscribe says: “ha ha”

I played with diesel before and he’s a character, notice that the other guy’s name is gaboy, NOT gayboy. Makes me laugh even now.

blackscribe says: “hey, diesel”

diesel1115 says: “sup?”

blackscribe says: “i just started a poker blog”

blackscribe says: “when you get a chance check it out”

blackscribe says: “https://splashingthepot.wordpress.com/”

diesel1115 says: “sure, what kind of virus will I get?”

blackscribe says: “no, dude, this is real, look at the url”

blackscribe says: “it’s hosted by wordpress”

blackscribe says: “they are legit”

blackscribe says: “no banners or ads or anything”

blackscribe says: “just my grand thoughts”

Nothing like a little shameless plug, right?

blackscribe says: “you should let me bust you so i’ll have something to write about, diesel”

diesel1115 says: “I’d have to ‘let you bust me’ cause it won’t happen otherwise”

Well, he didn’t and it didn’t happen. I’ll get him next time.

And this exchange after I missed out on hitting trip queens:

blackscribe says: “damnit”

blackscribe says: “folded QJ”

diesel1115 says: “why?”

diesel1115 says: “and you have your own poker blog???”

Later, allinstu builds his stack up to $100 (this on the $.05/$.10 table):

allinstu says: “100”

gaboy80 says: “wowww”

blackscribe says: “wow”

gaboy80 says: “i thought u had the 9”

allinstu says: “118 last night”

gaboy80 says: “nice…gl”

blackscribe says: “what’s your secret, stu?”

blackscribe says: “just between you and me”

diesel1115 says: “quit hitting on the guy blacky”

allinstu says: “play everything”

blackscribe says: “diesel, do you have some deep, latent homosexual urges?”

allinstu says: “lol”

blackscribe says: “everything is gay with you”

Here’s me waxing sentimental:

blackscribe says: “i’ll deal with you later, gotta go see what my wife wants… brb”

allinstu says: “i got 30 on the 10/20”

allinstu says: “bad mistake”

blackscribe says: “had to go change my son’s diaper”

diesel1115 says: “tnks for the info blacky”

blackscribe says: “hey, you guys are like my poker family”

diesel1115 says: “that’s sad,,,,,,very sad”

blackscribe says: “i’ve got tears in my eyes over here”

So I enjoyed myself last night. And it only cost me seven bucks.


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  2. […] Anyway, TheNov is pretty good, although she told me I was on her list as one player who “owed” her money. I laughed at that. A couple other players from Prima have come to my blog, including WILL_THETURN, and even one of the poker managers (aka censors). Of course there’s my arch-nemesis, yorkshirepuddings, for whom I selected a war song. I’m starting to feel a slight sense of community there but nothing like what I had at Mansion, Bodog, or even UltimateBet. I really liked Mansion for that and I even made a post about it awhile back. […]

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