please observe the fasten seatbelt sign

Yesterday was one of those mildly frustrating days. One of those days when I’m just irritated with myself and my inability to avoid wild, negative swings in my bankroll.

I started off the day losing my last $10 over at I had originally signed up over there to get the 100% signup bonus plus savvy points at I got enough points for an iPod Shuffle at PokerSavvy (which is a really sweet deal) and I’m working on more points for the Nano now. However, I didn’t earn any bonus money at Mansion. I probably will have to see many more hands to get even close, considering the small stakes I play. By the way, Mansion has a pretty nice site; homegrown software, clean interface, user friendly. With a few improvements (currently there is no way to see the mucked hands of opponents who go to showdown and getting to the hand history page at all is rather painful) and more player traffic, this new site will move up on my list of favorites.

Next, I signed on at Party. I had $50 in my account over there. I promised myself right away that I would play conservatively and smart. Avoid big pots was my mantra. I signed up for a sit & go one table tournament ($11 buy-in). After a few rounds of play I realized that it was Limit Hold’em. At first I was pissed at my mistake but I got over it after I won the tourney. So that was a $39 profit. And I was feeling pretty good by now.

I tried another SNG, this time a two table tourney. I busted out early in 16th place. My hand selection was decent but I lost a lot chips early when I got over involved in a pot with pocket 77s and had to fold to an all in bet and a board heavy with overcards. Later I shoved preflop with a pair of jacks and lost to a flush.

Okay… From there I decided to try my hand at ring games. I usually look for a game with a high percentage of players seeing the flop but, unless I’m missing this vital information somewhere, PartyPoker doesn’t list that data in the lobby. So I settle for tables with larger average pot sizes. With my current bankroll, I play the lowest limit games. I found a decent $.10/$.25 No Limit game. After two hours I was up 28 bucks. Not bad, considering the stakes. After all, I had more than doubled my buy-in. In my poker diary, which is just a table I have set up in Excel tracking my results, in the notes section for this session I wrote: “Played with patience, fairly tight, didn’t try to buy pots.” For the next session during which I lost $50 later that night, I wrote: “Did the opposite of above.”

By this time I was pissed off and tired (I hadn’t slept well the night before). I should have just called it a night. Although I knew better, I felt driven to win some of my money back. I did, however, make something of a compromise with myself. I chose to play another $11 SNG, thereby limiting the money I might lose. Sleep overpowered me about 15 minutes into the tourney. Hitting my ace on the flop, I went all in with top pair, I think I had A8. I remember thinking, “F*** it.” That usually isn’t a sign of a good decision. Another player called me and he showed AJ.

I busted out and took my behind to bed.


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  1. titans01 on

    Hang in there and continue to improve. It does get better. I wouldn’t sign up for any more sites without checking to see about getting rakeback first. When you move up it will help smooth out the rough months.

  2. PokerBen on

    Just so you know. I added your link to my site as well. GL at the tables.

  3. blackscribe on

    Thanks, guys for your comments and your support.

    And, yeah, titans, I’ll definitely be looking into the whole rakeback deal.

  4. rate on

    My god u kept me entertained.

  5. Alex on

    Thank You

  6. reviews on

    Great stuff here guys, check this site out!

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