maybe i do want to be a french fry!

Yesterday I suffered my biggest loss since I started keeping this blog. $21.39. That is actually good news and bad news. Knowing that I’ll be sharing my performance with you gentle readers helps to keep me somewhat in check. The truth is, I went on micro-tilt.

By the time I sat down to play I was tired and, at the same time, over-eager to play. I had been out of the house most of the day and when I did finally get home, I took some time to make dinner for the family. The thing that really put me in a poor frame of mind was that I reviewed the upcoming household bills. As a result, that night’s session took on a new seriousness. My game had to improve and it had to improve now. If titans01 could make $125 a day, damnit, so could I.

I decided that I would review an article (Preflop, Postflop Part I, Postflop Part II) by Renton from the Flop Turn River forum while I played. He claims to have made $12,000 playing small stakes NLHE over a period of four months. In a series of articles he shares his winning strategy. So I made a hard copy of the piece, pulled out pencil and highlighter, and steeled myself for the influx of profound poker knowledge I was about to receive.

With all of the above swarming in my mind, I fired up Pacific Poker. Back to the $10 NL tables. I had just over $30 in my account. Okay, this is do or die, I thought. I would read a sentence from the article and then try to put it into practice while I played.

This approach didn’t work well. After just a quick scan of the techniques suggested by Renton, I got the impression that the biggest change in my game would be playing with greater positional awareness. Fundamentally I would be playing more hands based on seat position and table dynamics. That sounds reasonable. The problem with what I was doing was that I was splitting my attention between the article and the table. I hadn’t even gotten through the first page of the strategy and I was missing most of the action on the table. So I was actually playing with less awareness rather than more.

So let’s think about this… More hands, more aggression, less awareness equals…? Hmmm…. anyone, anyone? That’s right, increasingly shorter stack. But I gotta get this bill money! One hundred twenty-five dollars in the next 30 minutes! Damn, beat again! Let me reload. What? That guy who has only played 22% of the hands is raising from under the gun, I’m in middle position, let me reraise him with KT suited. Awww, f@#%, he has a pair of queens!!

And it went on like that for a couple of hours.

I began to think, who am I kidding? What do you mean you want to be a serious poker player? Get over yourself. You are a joke. You better go back to the play money tables where you actually had a chance. Then I reminded myself that there is a right way to approach a goal, any goal, and there is a wrong way. And with the right guidance, the right attitude, the right approach, I can find success.

So, today, for starters, I’m going to finish reading that article. The entire article. Away from the poker table. And I’m gonna take some notes and try to digest it.

And, yeah, maybe I do want to be a serious poker player!


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  1. titans01 on

    Well I started reading the article on FTR at lunch but only made it through his starting hand selection. I’m not sure if you playing full ring or not but to me his starting hands are too loose for most people starting out especially at full ring $25NL. IMO, raising with AJs and AQo UTG is too loose this far out of position without being a good post flop player.

    Here is a better article that is tighter and will lead to less variance which is better if you have a smaller bankroll and your just starting out.

  2. blackscribe on

    You have a valid concern, titans. Actually, Renton does go into detail on how to play post flop but it is a good deal of info to absorb. I will check out the article you recommend as well, but, all this damn reading is taking away from my poker time! 😉

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