trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents

This past week has been a wild ride. Not soon after I had my poker epiphany and was confident I had improved my play a thousand fold, I took a couple of bad beats, went on a full tilt boogie and cannibalized my bankroll. So by last Thursday I was pretty much broke. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the situation caused me to get creative. Until my blowout, I had pretty much focused on small stakes cash games. I would throw in the occasional one or two table $11 SNG for good measure. When I ran out of money I started looking at freerolls. One good source for information on these $0 buy-in events is I found out that there is almost always a freeroll starting up somewhere.

Over the last week I’ve probably played in about 10 or 15 and I cashed in two events. I won a $50 freeroll over at, which is a part of the brand-spanking new HyperGlobalMedia, Inc. network. That netted me $13.50. Since then I have built that up to over $80 playing the $10 NL and $25 NL cash tables there. (Mini review: This site is new and is still building its traffic but during peak hours you can usually find a few micro-limit games, which are incredibly soft. PokerKnights is offering a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $500 AND 30% INSTANT rakeback directly into your player account. This is a great deal! The software is decent but they are still working out a few quirks. I wholeheartedly recommend the site, though. Cashouts to my Neteller account took about 24 hours.)

I also finished 5th or 6th in a freeroll, winning $7. However, I can’t use the money. I had trouble buying in at a cash game after the tournament and when I called support, I was told that U.S. citizens were not allowed to participate in real money play at the current time. The company, which I believe is based in the United Kingdom and is licensed in the States of Alderney (a British crown dependency, according to Wikipedia), is concerned about recent U.S. legal rumblings over online gambling. The customer support guy told me that I could request a check or wait a few weeks when he believes real money accounts would open up to Americans. Right now I’m just waiting. I don’t know if trying to cash a seven dollar check is worth the trouble.

But if you want to get some kicks, check out their software. To prepare yourself, just imagine if you were playing poker on Xbox or Sony PlayStation 2. It’s that intense. But the first time you run the program you might want to go make yourself a sandwich. Or two. It will take several minutes to install. Much longer than any other poker site I’ve used.

Also, I might mention that I found Professor77’s PokerNation site helpful in fine-tuning my NL tournament play. You can check out his tips here. His advice is geared towards getting you in the money without taking too many risks. I basically followed his chart by the numbers and I found some success with it. I believe my success rate will be even higher playing single table SNGs. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I can’t rave enough about! I received my free iPod shuffle two days ago from them. The deals they offer are for real, folks. I paid zero, zip, nada for my little digital music baby. Not even shipping and handling. Yesterday I was browsing their shop section and I saw that I could’ve gotten $90 deposited in my Neteller account instead. I’ll have to do that next time. So, you ask, what did I do to deserve this wonderful treatment? Hell, what you think, man? Played poker, that’s all I talk about here. I just did the free signup with PokerSavvy, opened a new real money account with Mansion Poker, and played the required hands. PS has deals with about 20 different poker rooms. So I suggest before you open up another real account anywhere check with them AND and see who has the best deal. I found that with some sites you can get the same deal as BonusWhores plus the freebies with PokerSavvy. So just do your research my friends. I only wish I had known all this when I first started playing online poker.

The other thing I did when I went broke is that I took advantage of a couple of no deposit bonuses I found through BonusWhores. Each one was about $10. This was money I got just for signing up with Dream Poker, which is on the Prima network, and also Pitbull Poker. BW has all the details. I didn’t have any success building the funds up, though. I would have had a better chance if either site offered $2 NL tables. Their smallest NL games had $.05/$.10 blinds and I guess I just wasn’t up to the task at the time.

Whew! So I think I almost got you all up to speed. During my crash and burn incident I failed to keep daily records of my exact losses but I put the estimate at around $70 to $80. So when I consider my $80 of pure profit at PokerKnights, I am about where I started last Wednesday. Kinda funny, isn’t it? I think this is a good time to put a real plan in place to build a bankroll and start making some moves. The more I play poker, the more I realize that discipline and planning are big parts of any real, lasting success.

Starting tomorrow, when I anticipate seeing a $50 cashout to my Neteller account, I’m going to follow the plan of action suggested by titans01. On one of his recent posts he offers a path to building a bankroll up from 50 bucks. I’ll give it a whirl.

And as always, I’ll keep you posted.


3 comments so far

  1. titans01 on

    Just remember to signup through an affiliate and get rakeback on that UB account. It’s not going to be squat at the penny tables but you never know where your game is going to be in a year.

  2. PokerBen on

    Sounds like you’ve been on a rollercoaster ride with the free stuff. Im enjoying the freerolls as well. GL.

  3. wyporowich on

    dude cool site liking the no deposit bonuses good luck

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