you unlucky bodog, you!

My account balance is anything but golden.


Where I come from, there’s a saying, “Can’t win for losing.” That was me all day today. I think this is my first official bad beat post. Here are the “highlights” from various freeroll tournaments I played today. Read on and enjoy…

Pacific Poker $50 Freeroll

I got low on chips rather early, down to 650 with blinds at 50/100, but tripled up when i hit a set of tens.

With the blinds at 75/150, everyone folded around to me in the small blind. Pushing my remaining 1760 chips all in, I tried to steal the blinds with 96, the big blind called me with KJ, but I sucked out, hitting runner runner to make a queen high straight and doubled up (3520).

But karma came back to do me in. With blinds at 150/300, I picked up AJ in the cut off position. Again, everyone folded around to me. I raised three times the big blind to 900. The button and small blind folded. The big blind called. The flop came 8 of diamonds, ace of clubs, 6 of diamonds, giving me top pair with a very nice kicker and I had position. The big blind bet 600. I pushed all in with 1630. BB had me covered with 3858 remaining in his stack and he made the call. He showed 98 suited spades, and I was thinking, I’m good to go. The turn was the queen of spades. Still good. But the river was the 9 of clubs, giving Mr. Big Blind two pair. And I was outta there. I finished 611th out of 2466

CelebPoker $250 Qualifier

I was pretty much card dead the entire way. I played two hands. I limped with a pair of sevens around the third level but ran into a flop of overcards followed by a raise and a call before me. So I had to fold. When I had about 3 big blinds left I tried my luck with A7. I wasn’t very hopeful though when three other players called my all in bet. I busted out on that hand and finished 79th out of 160.

I busted out of a Cake Poker freeroll on the first hand I played, QQ, when I called a big stack’s all in bet, and was followed by about three other callers. I was good all the way until the river. Then an ace fell and that give the big stack a pair of aces with a queen kicker.

bodog $1000 Guaranteed

While waiting for a freeroll at, I lost the last few dollars I had in my account over there. I was playing the $10 NL tables. I had about $2.60 left. I went all in with pocket kings, a guy called me with A4, I thought I might actually have a chance to double up. But, my run of bad luck continued with him catching an ace on the turn.

I also played in the bodog $1000 Guaranteed tourney, which is a freeroll with rebuys and addons. I made it to the 5th level, got crippled when I went all in with AK and missed. I busted out a couple hands later when my pocket jacks got cracked by a guy who called with A9 and made a set of nines with the board.

But in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all… tomorrow is another day.”


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