you wanna bet?

There’s so much I want to write about but I don’t have much patience because I’m revved up to go get to the tables. I finally received my cashout from PokerKnights yesterday. I was all set to go get started at UltimateBet. I got my $50 and I’m following the advice of titans01 about how to build a bankroll. So the first thing I did was open a real money account with UB by going through Now I’m set up to get about 28% rakeback when I play UB.

Well, I’m happy to report that on the first day of my “$50 Bankroll Challenge” I made a profit. It took me a minute to get used to the UB interface, you know, the usual things… getting familiar with all the controls, how to check, bet and fold; how to view hand history, etc. One of the things I absolutely love about UB’s software is their mini-view feature. You have the ability to switch from the regular, full-sized view of a card room to a compact, rectangular window. It’s much more functional than just shrinking down the window. I can fit three of these windows on my computer screen nicely. And that fits my playing style and current ability perfectly because three tables at once is about all I can handle.

Taking titans01’s advice, I am playing well within my bankroll. I’m sticking to the $2 NL tables ($.01/$.02). (Also, I think for me, at this level, a stop loss of five buy-ins is good. So this means if I lose $10 during a session I have to stop for the night or take a lengthy break.) I noticed that I was much more relaxed. I didn’t get upset if I lost a big pot or caught a bad beat. So there is something to this “psychology of poker” crap.

After I felt comfortable with the UB interface I opened up three tables and just tried to play patiently. I had also checked out the free poker videos titans01 suggested (jeez, enough about titans01 already!). In the video I watched another online player, iStrong, do his thing on the $25NL tables. The main thing he stressed was to keep your play simple and straightforward. Don’t do anything fancy. Play tight-aggressive, don’t give good pot odds to drawing hands, and get your chips in when you have good cards. It’s really simple actually. I think I had been making it way too complicated.

So I basically tried this straightforward strategy. I noticed that it took me about 15 minutes or so to find a groove each time I started a session. But once I got going, I did nicely. It’s kinda like hitting your rhythm when you’re out running or playing basketball. The other thing I did was I started describing my actions out loud like I was making a video for others. I know it sounds silly but doing this made me really think about what I was doing and why.

My net profit for the day was $6.86. And this includes the $2.20 deducted from playing two sit & gos in which I didn’t cash.

I can see now that this is gonna be a long haul requiring heaping amounts of patience and discipline.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll keep you posted.


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