get yo’ geek on

This is gonna be a quick post. I’m shooting for more immediacy in my blog entries, so here goes.

Okay, first things first. I’m using a new browser called Flock, which is based on the Firefox engine. It’s funny because a couple of days ago I downloaded the new Microsoft IE 7 and I was all set to rave about that, but Flock so blows it out of the water. Without getting too much into it, because this blog is principally about poker, I’ll just say that Flock is really good for anybody who blogs (especially) and for those who use and pull information off of and onto the web. But to all my fellow bloggers reading this, do yourself a favor and check out Flock.

Just a couple other tech-related updates… I just moved my poker diary from boring, desktop Excel to The Hendon Mob’s My Poker Diary. I’m hoping that will help me track my poker progress better, and keep me disciplined. The main reason a diary is so important for me right now is that the main site I am playing on, UlimateBet, is not supported by my PokerOffice, which really kinda sucks. I’m hoping that will change some time in the near future.

I also found this really cool website, called, where you can post hand histories and then share the url with others. So I’ll be using that in this blog from now on. As you may have picked up on, I am a real techno geek, so if you know of some new, cool technology–especially related to poker–then by all means, share the info with me.

Okay, so I just now got eliminated from the UB 5pm $2000 Guaranteed NL Turbo tournament. I finished 92nd out of 465. I was playing a little too tight for a turbo tourney and I let the blinds sneak up on me. Here are a couple of highlights…

Here I hit a queen high straight with JT suited. That was probably the highpoint of the tourney for me.

And this is where I had basically run out of chips and had to make a move reeking of desperation.

I’ve haven’t really played any cash games today. To be honest I am a little discouraged at the prospect of trying to make something substantial out of $50 by playing the penny tables. My lack of patience betrays me. In the upcoming days and weeks, you will probably read more about me playing SNGs and tourneys than cash games. I’m open to suggestions, though. I will rely on the cash games to keep my bankroll in the black, however. (I just checked my stats on my poker diary and that last tourney buy-in put me at a $0.66 loss. That’s since I started at UB. Time to hit the tables!)

Oh, almost forgot, I finally won a $1 + $0.10 SNG this morning, after four failed attempts. I was beginning to question myself. I think I had to get used to the higher quality of play at UB. There are more than a few pretty good players down at the UB micro-limits. Time to go do battle again.

I’ll keep you posted.


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