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It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and I’m tired. Last night I was too tired to play any poker after I had made dinner, bathed my young son and put him to bed. I tried but when I signed on to UltimateBet and sat in at a table, sleep came down on me like a sudden downpour in the summertime. There was no refusing. No escape.

Still I was determined to get my playing time. My son woke around 1 a.m. I changed his diaper and got him back to sleep. Then I was able to rouse myself enough to try some cards again. I knew that I was still drowsy so I wanted something that was going to me worth my time and with enough action to get me awake. Even though it was totally outside of my plan to play well within my bankroll, which is around $50 now, I decided to try a couple of $.05/$.10 six-max tables. But instead of buying in for $10, I bought in for $5 at each table. I did okay. I ended up making about eight bucks.

The strategy I used was pretty simple. See I normally get in trouble at short-handed tables because I play more hands and often get caught with my pants down. This time I played more tightly but very aggressive. I played big hands as normal—AA, KK, QQ, AK. These were the hands with which I would raise, reraise, and call big raises. All the other pocket pairs went up in value. I played suited connectors more reluctantly. More often only in late position, and with at least two other callers. I also played Ax, Kx, and Qx suited more, but also with cautious aggression. For example I might open raise with Q8 suited from the button, continuation bet on the flop (about a third or half of the pot), and then just check it down if I got called and I missed making a big hand.

I found myself laying down many borderline hands, like top pair weak kicker and middle pair. I also made some big calls. A couple of times, another player would go all in and I made the call believing my hand was good. And it did indeed turn out to be.

Now, that my game is improving every so slightly, I can see that one of my biggest leaks was that I used to chase way too much. I used to bet big on draws and if I missed the flop completely I would stay in the hand anyway. Now I just get outta there instead of trying to buy the pot. At these micro-limits, I think that it’s highly unlikely that you can raise someone out of the pot. People will call you down with garbage and sometimes suck out on the river. Using the check down technique has saved me big money (in a manner of speaking).

I think I will keep flirting with the $10 NL 6-max game, using the half buy-in gambit. I’ll just see how I do. I don’t want to devastate my bankroll in one session. I just have a big problem being patient playing those $2 tables. I mean, if I play for an hour, only to make a dollar profit… that just pisses me off. Honestly. I feel like I should at least be able to buy a McDonald’s combo with my winnings if I do well at any given poker session. I mean, damn, can a brother get a sandwich with his payout?!


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