i wish i knew how to quit you

Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since I last posted. Well, kiddies, I’ve been in a very dark, scary, lonely place of late. I’d been sloshing around in the bowels of late night online poker. I made it out a few days ago, took a hot shower, and now I got that new car smell again.

By nature, I am probably an unbalanced person. To me, moderation is boring. I don’t have a built-in dimmer switch. I’m either all the way on or all the way off. I tend to live in the extremes. This personality trait doesn’t lend itself to success in poker, especially online poker. I suspect that winning poker is a game of patience, balance, well-considered choices, but I can’t say for sure because I have never experienced any considerable streak of winning.

I spent the past couple of weeks playing way too much poker and doing it in a wild-eyed, frenzied manner that only allowed for infrequent, hastily eaten meals and fitful, abbreviated snatches of sleep. I went from keeping detail records to no record keeping at all. I took a couple of big hits. Poker was no longer fun. I became obsessed with one idea. I gotta get my money back. Now, keep in mind that all of this is relative. We’re talking about a $50 bankroll here.

So, amazingly, I managed not to go broke. I started playing 6-max no limit at UltimateBet. I pretty much cleared my bonus there. Then I went over to Crazy Poker. They have a really easy bonus. I recommend that you sign up through RakeBrain.com. The bonus is better but you have to send an email to Crazy to get it. I had to play 200 raked hands, and I did this on the $.05/$.10 tables. Here’s something funny I just read in an email Crazy sent me.

[Poker Tips are merely a guideline. Crazy Poker cannot be held liable for any losses incurred. Players should adjust their strategy to the specific table they are playing on and adjust according to the players he is playing against.]

Ain’t that the f#$%@* truth? Yep, adjust or go broke. Anyway, as soon as I got my bonus from Crazy I left like a beggar who was just offered a job. I got pissed at their cashout policy. No, not cashing out from your poker account to your bank account or Neteller or something like that. Crazy has a strange policy regarding cashing out winnings from cash games or tournaments. The official line is that it may take up to 24 hours to see your winnings in your account. I spent several minutes on the phone with support making sure that I understood this correctly. I have played several sites and I’ve never come across such a policy.

I initially gave support a call because I had just finished second in a sit-n-go and I didn’t see my cash prize credited to my account. That’s when I learned of their policy. As it turned out, it actually took only about 30 minutes or so to see the money, but any delay was too long as far as I was concerned. I don’t have time for that kind of hassle. Maybe when my roll is a few thousand dollars, it won’t matter as much if I have to wait to get paid. But right now, when every dollar counts and considering the way I like to play back to back AND multi-table, there are too many other sites which don’t have such a crazy policy that I won’t tolerate it.

Currently I’m playing mainly on Pacific Poker. There are some rather soft micro NL games there. I went back specifically because my new poker mentor suggested it. I will go into more detail about that whole thing in my next post, but for more info check out his site.

That’s all I got. I’ve been away from the tables too long already.


2 comments so far

  1. PokerBen on

    Hey Man,

    No posts for a while…you must really be hitting the tables!

    I see your ad for the BPT, Im in it too…whats your name there? Im BenPlayin8.

    Also, your link to your poker mentor’s site is not working.

    Talk to ya soon! GL

  2. blackscribe on

    Thanks for your comments, PokerBen. Yeah, I’ve been a little crazy lately. There’s a lot of stuff going on in my life and, actually, I should be writing more. My name is, what else, blackscribe… or blackscribe819 or blakscribe. One of those. I’m signed up with so many poker rooms, I forget sometimes. But hopefully I will see you in a tourney one of these days.

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