small pots with small hands… what a novel idea!

I should already be asleep right now so this will be a really quick post.

Here are my stats for the day…

$0.05-$0.10 NL, 336 hands, 4.5 hours, $14.12 won, 15.57 BB/100

$0.10-$0.20 NL, 85 hands, 1 hour, -$66.63 won, -153.76 BB/100

I’ve gotten into the practice of squeezing in a session in the morning before I leave for work. Sometimes the time crunch works against me. Today was one of those days. I tried to 4-table at the $20 NL level and lost over $65 in 20 minutes. It’s a good thing I had to leave for work or I might have gone broke in a frenzied tilt-o-matic state.

When I got home this evening, I got one of those poker tips emails from Full Tilt and then came across an entry on Noted Poker Authority both emphazing the same idea: Play big pots with big hands, play small pots with small hands. This was major. I applied this new idea immediately and had a decent session tonight after dropping back down to $10 NL, which is where I should be anyway.

Patience, man, I have to learn patience. Well, it’s off to bed for me.


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  1. yorkshirepuddings on

    That concept is something that I too am working on as it is a slight leak for me. Another one is “make straightforward plays against straightforward players”, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve either lost a pot or lost value from a pot by playing fancy against people who just don’t understand!

    Good luck at the tables!

  2. cadmunkey on

    Tis true! We have to remember that at micro stakes the players there play on one level only….usually looking down at Ace rag and playing it to the river! So no matter how many bullets you fire at them they aren’t going to fold their top pair, weak kicker…
    ‘Noted Poker Authority’ is an excellent blog and well worth keeping up with.

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