tryin’ to catch me chattin’ dirty

Here’s an update on my stats since I last posted. This is for the period of December 1st through December 10th

$0.05-$0.10 NL, 3131 Hands, 43 hours, $94.61 won, 15.11 BB/100

I really feel like I’m getting into a rhythm now, especially while playing within my bankroll. Yesterday was a perfect example. I played a total of five plus hours. When I first started I suffered a few bad beats and I made some bad plays. I initially lost about two buy-ins or $20, but I started with a bankroll of $120. Because I was properly bankrolled I amazingly didn’t get emotionally upset. In fact, I was able to humble myself enough to leave a few tables at which it was clear that I was being consistently outplayed.

I eventually found the right tables and the right cards and ended the day with a profit of $57 (37 BB/100). It was nice to watch myself go through a little adversity, stay calm and play through it. It was kinda funny because I started verbally coaching myself, saying things like, “Don’t play that hand out of position…Be patient…Don’t get cocky…Okay, yeah, you’re doing good.” I am definitely seeing growth in my play.

Currently my bankroll is at $176 on Prima. I set a goal for myself to not make another withdrawal until I reach $2100. Then I will allow myself to withdraw $100. This will be a challenge because $2000 is a lot of money to me but I truly want to be able to play at a level where I can win a hundred dollars or so a session without too much trouble. I’ll keep you posted on my progress with this.

One more thing. There is one thing that happened last night that got me slightly pissed. Prima suspended my chat for mentioning a web site. Usually I am savvy enough to get around the censors by using spaces (for example, anysite . com). However, I really thought the content I mentioned was innocuous enough (I told someone about a poker blog). The next thing I know, a message flashes across my screen that my chat had been suspended. I immediately went to live support at BetOnBet, my current Prima site. I explained the situation to the support guy. After a few minutes he responded that he had “pleaded with Prima to restore my chat” and that I should have it back in a few hours. (I just checked and I can indeed chat once again) I was pissed that I had lost my chat but I liked that BetOnBet support had “pleaded” on my behalf.


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  1. yorkshirepuddings on

    Looks like you’re tearing up the NL10 games Mr Blackscribe!

    I’ve found that Prima are very quick to act on anything to do with chat. I was once railing a firend in a MTT and was a bit drunk and was being a total ass and after a few minutes a mod came on and warned me about my future conduct! Yet the same friend had his chat banned for responding to some awful comments aimed at his daughter! Madness!

    How you finding the Prima network and in particular BetonBet? I’ve never played on Prima before but have been offered rakeback at BetonBet and am considering taking it.

  2. Cadmunkey on

    Damn, wish I could get these kind of results at NL10. Are these full ring games or 6 max?
    Good luck with the $2000 I know if I can do it so could most semi-decent folk!

  3. blackscribe on

    Thanks, guys, so much for checking out my blog.

    Yeah, york, so far BetOnBet is great! Deposits and cashouts are fairly painless and quick. I’m still trying to earn my first rakeback payment (you gotta generate $200 in rake in a month–my rate is 45%, so I would get almost half of that back).

    According to, OnGame and Mansion have the softest microlimit games currently. But I think Prima is pretty soft, too, although I used to think Bodog was the softest, but I haven’t played there in awhile, mainly because it’s not supported by PokerOffice (neither is Mansion and OnGame doesn’t accept U.S. players any more). So, yeah, I HIGHLY recommend Prima, and BetOnBet specifically. You might want to first check out Golden Riviera because they offer an easy $40 signup bonus, then move to BetOnBet for rakeback.

    In response to your comments, Cadmunkey, I was struggling a little with NL10 until I really stuck with the big hands/big pots, small hands/small pots philosophy (see my earlier post). That has made me much more profitable. Also I have tightened up a bit, trying to stay at around 28-30 VP$IP. This has helped tremendously, too. OR I could just be running good, LOL. I will definitely keep you posted.

  4. yorkshirepuddings on

    Yeah, I’ll look into BetonBet in the New Year I think. I’ve only been offered 30% rakeback as this is the cap that Microgaming have put on Prima rakeback and it comes into affect across all their skins by mid January / early February I believe.

    28-30% VP$IP, that is what I’m aiming for when I move up stakes. I’m usually running at 24/12/3 or 24/15/4 as a rule but would love to be like 30/20/4. I don;t hink being too loose at our stakes works as the retards can’t lay down bottom pair never mind TPTK!

    Keep your eye out for me anyway, I’ll be donking around the NL20 rooms on Prima under the screen name Yorksh1rePud. Would be good to lock horns with a micro stakes player who seems to know what he’s doing!

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