what do you do on that thing?

12/17 – 12/19: 2328 hands, 29.75 hours, $84.16 won, 9.93 BB/100, total bankroll $235.25

Wow, I play a lot of poker. Just looking at the hours I’ve logged recently makes me realize that. No wonder my wife stays upset with me.

I had this thought that I was going to make this great, literary-minded post last night but I was just too damn tired.

Now it’s morning and I’m pressed for time. I will mention a few things though. I’m starting to run into a few of the same people online repeatedly, and some of them have been pretty cool. I especially enjoyed meeting TheNov, who I believe is from Sweden (I hope I got that right. I know people get upset about things like that). Late two nights ago (early morning for her) she was catching the same brand of hell from her boyfriend that I get in heaping helpings from my wife. Which is to say that we both probably stay on the computer too much.

Anyway, TheNov is pretty good, although she told me I was on her list as one player who “owed” her money. I laughed at that. A couple other players from Prima have come to my blog, including WILL_THETURN, and even one of the poker managers (aka censors). Of course there’s my arch-nemesis, yorkshirepuddings, for whom I selected a war song. I’m starting to feel a slight sense of community there but nothing like what I had at Mansion, Bodog, or even UltimateBet. I really liked Mansion for that and I even made a post about it awhile back.

I will say this, though, all the fraternizing often hurts my play. Especially when I multi-table, which is most of the time. Trying to play two tables, think about each move, and maintain a lucid conversation while the other window keeps popping up is enough to give me an headache.

Last night it seemed that the availability of $10 NL games was limited, compared to what’s I usually find. I had to keep changing tables due to games breaking up, but there was still a decent selection. The games were a bit tougher last night but I was able to adjust pretty good. There are so many hands I would like to talk about but here are just a few:

Stack ’em with Jacks. This guy was playing pretty loose and aggressive and I thought his push after my bet on a two-tone flop of two queens and a five a little suspicious. So I come over the top of him and I’m happy to find out at the showdown that my read was correct. I didn’t even need the jack on the river, making a full house, to beat him. He only had 85 off suit! One of yorkshirepuddings’ students?

I’m Not Bluffing You! Before this hand I had caught a few hands back to back and kept raising or reraising the pot. My opponent finally decides to make stand. Too bad his timing is off. Usually I don’t like to play big pots with just a pair but I figure this guy thinks I’m bluffing. I call his reraise on the turn instead of pushing there because I want to give him a chance to fold when I push on the river, no matter what comes. I guess this is a bastard step-child of the stop and go play.

I want to post a few more but I’m running out of time. Those jerks at my job have the nerve to expect me to be there as scheduled. And until I win the UltimateBet $200K Guarantee event, I don’t want to disappoint them. So until then…Good luck, all. May you flop the nuts!


5 comments so far

  1. yorkshirepuddings on

    I’ve never been an arch nemesis before, I’m sure if I should be proud or not 😉 The 85o was not one of my students, LMFAO! I don’t play that loose even at 6-max!

    I am looking forward to locking horns again some time but I’m back at full ring for a short while and not on the Prima network currently but one day we’ll clash again my friend, one day 😛

  2. Will teh turn on

    🙂 interesting read again. I usually run four tables with chats off when im serious, usually what happens is that same tables wont tolerate you and stop calling or they are too strong for you, that can hurt on 4 tables.
    Then again if I find someone who clearly knows what he is doing and like a lil chat I usually take it down to 2 eventually. With 2 tables its easy to keep focus on the cards and mouths. Still theres nothing like chatting over the green-matted tables though.
    I have to say I had a terrible run yesterday and Lost pretty much my whole roll on the prima-network. Good thing is that it wasnt much and I could had cashed it in in another 921 raked hands ^_^ Sad thing is I prolly cant keep playing with you 😦
    I havent played on ongame for a week now where the games are really soft and I have proper roll. I can warmly welcome you there, its much easier over in ongame than its prima 8)

  3. Shelly on

    hey, yes im one of the pkr mgrs! no.137. we basically just sit and watch you guys so that you are behaving.

  4. blackscribe on

    Thanks everybody for reading. Yeah, Will, I really want to get over to Ongame. I’m looking for a good rakeback deal. I know a couple of sites won’t accept any new players until 2007, just a few days away.

    I’m doing my research now. If anybody knows anything please let me know.

  5. yorkshirepuddings on

    I’m not 100% sure but I think that Ongame aren’t paying rakeback to affiliates anymore. I received an email a few days ago stating that I would no longer be receiving rakeback from Rake The Rake but Hollywood would honour my deal and pay me directly. Might be worth asking a couple of affiliates what the score is.

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