i saw momma get run over by a set of deuces

12/20 – 12/29: 2510 hands, 35.25 hours, $291.20 won, 57.79 BB/100, total bankroll $312.20 (after withdrawals totaling $325)

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Okay, first things first. Happy holidays to everyone! Gentle readers I hope you all are enjoying this time with family and friends. I know I have. My dad came up from Florida, I hung out with my big brother (who put the whole family on notice that he was officially rich), ate a lot crab legs, and witnessed my two-year-old son experience Christmas Day overload (he has doting grandparents and aunts).

And in between doing all that I managed to get in a few hands of poker. Earlier in the week I was very close to going on major tilt. It all started innocently enough. I earned my $100 bonus at BetOnBet and decided to use some of the money to join an online poker training site, PokerFox.net. So I withdrew the money from my BetOnBet account and was pleased to discover that the funds posted to NETeller almost instantly (within five or ten minutes). I had been used to waiting anywhere from three to seven days with other Prima sites.

I joined PokerFox as planned. Then I still had about $60 left. What to do, what to do, right? Finally, I decided to go back over to PokerStars, which was the first site I had ever played. I hadn’t played there lately because the bonuses are rather infrequent, there is no rakeback, and from what I’ve heard the games aren’t especially soft. But since PokerStars is the largest site now, according to various poker traffic reports, I decided to go see what I had been missing. After a a couple of hours playing $10 NL 6-Max, it seemed to me that I had been missing repeated ass whuppings. Maybe I just hit a bad run of cards, or I played poorly, or perhaps the fact that I was playing on a $60 roll screwed with my head, but something went wrong. I couldn’t win a hand. I started playing too many hands, then when I caught a decent hand, like a premium pair, all the other players would fold to my pre-flop raise. So after dropping 40 bucks in about two hours, I mentally gave Stars the middle finger and closed the software. (I have since gone back, playing the penny tables and fared somewhat better. Although I don’t spend too much time there because Prima is so much more profitable.)

While still upset over my losses at PokerStars, I withdrew another $100 and transferred it to Doyle’s Room, where I had found a rackback deal and would supposedly find soft players. But my bad run continued and I lost over half my money. Honestly, at this point I knew that I was playing badly. I was trying to make back the money I had lost earlier. I had grown impatient, impulsive and angry. Finally I called it a night. That was a week ago Friday.

Since then I’ve been doing much better.

On another note, for some time my computer’s performance had been dropping off. It would take forever to start up, lag when running multiple programs, and sometimes just lock up. A while back I got a really nasty virus while trying to run a serial crack program (I know, that’s what I get, right?) and my computer had never been the same since. I had run various anti-virus and anti-spyware routines. They helped only moderately. A couple of days ago I became so exasperated that I finally decided to reformat the hard drive.

I would have done this earlier but I had so much music on my hard drive that I knew it would be a major pain to back up. In reality, it turned out to be only a medium-sized pain (I used iTunes‘ back up feature) but I only had enough CDs to save about half my catalog. Oh, well, thank goodness for uTorrent!

Now that I’ve reformatted my laptop it’s like I have a new computer. Everything is running as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Now all I need is another gig of memory and an extra monitor! Benefactors where are you? (I think the term benefactor is a vast improvement over fish.)

I also got myself a nice microphone so that I’m better equipped to Skype. Already I’ve talked to my brother in Hanover, Germany a few times. I’m dying to use Skype even more so if you want to ring me up, my Skype name is (surprise) blackscribe.

Well, I’m getting ready to grab some breakfast, then hit the tables. I’m hoping to have another day like yesterday (I won over $150). In my next post I want to discuss some of my goals for the coming year, my aspirations for my personal poker play and for this blog.

Until then… I hope you find yourself on the good side of variance!

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3 comments so far

  1. cadmunkey on

    My God…when are you guys gonna learn about Stars?? Keep the hell away!!

    Happy New Year bud!

  2. Will teh turn on

    `ello Ive been anticipating an update for a some time now! merry new year and stuff u2. I finally managed to go broke down on prima. I also took out everything on my ongame account so no cards for me for a long time. why? army why. Im spending next half a year there and this blog will definitely one thing I will check up when I get a chance. And to add with munkey, start is baaaaaaaad its the game of death. Have you found any rakebacks on ongame? the games there are better than in prima even.

  3. blackscribe on

    Cad, Happy New Year!!

    Will, it absolutely warms my heart that you will be checking out the blog from wherever you are. I wish you the best on your entry into the army.

    As far as Ongame, that network no longer accepts U.S. players from what I understand. However, many of the skins that were with them have switched networks. Sites like Full Contact Poker, Wingows, and AMCO are now a part of the Digital Gaming Network. So I got a rakeback account with AMCO, but it’s not Ongame. In fact, so far, I’m really not impressed with DGN at all. In fact, they suck… software is ugly, and traffic is minimal.

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