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get… that… dirt off your shoulders


This blog has been left for dead for quite some time.

After the passage of UIGEA, many of my favorite ewallets and poker sites closed their doors to U.S. players. In fact, most of my bankroll was left suspended in limbo on BetOnBet, a Prima site. With no way to make a withdrawal, I was reduced to playing real money poker, in effect, just for fun. I played with more abandon and less enthusiasm and eventually went busto.

I began to question the point of all my hours online and my study of the game suffered. Also, I probably didn’t want to keep posting losing stats on this blog. So splashing the pot was left to die a quiet, unceremonious death.

Now I return for a couple of reasons. For starters, this blog originally grew out of my love for both writing and poker, in that order. If nothing else, this site makes for a great writing excercise. And I do still enjoy playing poker, although I continue to struggle with balance. And it is still painfully obvious to me that I have immense room in which to grow with both poker and writing. So why not do it in a public forum?

Recently, I was reminded that this is quite the public forum. Actually there’s a great commercial I saw the other day that warns the viewer that anybody can see what you post online. I found this out to be true in my own life. So I continue to post with that in mind.

I don’t know where I’m going with this blog quite yet. But that’s much like a poker hand when you don’t have the nuts–sometimes you just have to feel your way through it and, if the odds are with you, take a shot at the pot.