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This blog is about my quest to become a profitable poker player.

I played my first hand of poker on Thursday, December 15, 2005. Not too long before that day, the only chips I ever cared about were either Lays or Pringles. Two things happened that year to spark my interest in poker. Number one: occasionally while channel surfing, I began noticing poker events on television, especially ESPN’s coverage of the WSOP. I was ignorant of the rules of the game but I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the image of men staring each other down as they pushed huge stacks of poker chips across a felt table. Number two: while visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner, I got invited to play a few rounds of Stud. My wife’s uncle assured me that they would only be playing for pennies, but because I knew nothing about the game I politely declined.

Later that same night when I got home I went online and found the basic rules and strategy of poker. About 3 weeks later I downloaded the PokerStars.net software. I quickly grew irritated that I was only allowed to reload my play money chips three times an hour. But I was hooked immediately.

What I liked about poker in general was the fact that you could improve through study and practice. It was a game in which you faced off against others and, by using wits, balls, a little luck, and sheer force of will, you discovered if you could survive or even prosper. What I liked about No Limit Hold’em in particular was the possibility of winning or losing it all in one hand. All that terrific and terrifying potential. There’s nothing like turning over your cards at the showdown, looking up at your opponent and hearing those two delightful words… “Nice hand.”

I gradually got better. I read what I could find on the internet about strategy, but mainly I just played. And played. And played. Mostly online, but I also found a local poker league that hosted free, weekly NL Hold’em tournaments in my neighborhood. Eventually, I stopped needing to reload my play money. In fact, I built my stack up to over half a million chips. I was a poker mastermind. I stayed up late nights, leaning into the glowing light of my computer monitor, clicking buttons that read CALL, RAISE, FOLD.

I moved up to real money. Starting with a $50 deposit at PartyPoker, the first night I more than doubled my money! Here it was, only about 3 months into my poker education and I had it all worked out, in another month or so I would go pro. I would support myself and my family from my poker winnings. I was the man.

The next day I went broke.

Over the next 30 days I racked up losses of over $3000. That was a lot of money for me. I was devastated. I considered wrapping a plastic bag over my face. Instead I went to the book store. I picked up Phil Hellmuth, Jr.’s Play Poker Like the Pros. I still lost money but my game was improving. Instead of hemorrhaging cash, it was more like I had a slow leak. I even won money at a couple of live cash games and experienced short-lived winning streaks online.

All told, over my short poker career, I’m probably down about an even four grand. But I still got plenty of fight in me.

So, like I said at the beginning, this blog is about my mission to become a profitable poker player.

Acknowledgement: Thanks are due to my fast friend, Titans01 (the old geezer!), for his gentle nudging to get my own blog started. Now I won’t have to hog all his comments space.


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  1. UltimateBet Idiot on

    Peas Out brutha. See you at the table.

  2. clydecity on

    Ever since I ran into you at the tables…… I mean …. eversince I gave you all my money at the Poker Dream tables I have been following the trials and tribulations on your blog… Kind of interestiing for a poker Blog…..

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    Odds will be very good…..
    The site has about 2500 members and maybe you can post your get rich progress there… so everyone can envy you and wish that they can also be a great poker player when they grow up…..

    But really… Check it out… I like your reviews and besides I need to try and win my money back if you come back to the the tables….

    Check it out……. Just think you could have 2000 people reading your work….

    Hope to see you there..


  3. Mike on

    Hey! Post some converted hands in your blog. I’d love to see some of your most interesting hands.

    Best tool I found so far was http://www.felttable.com to display/convert hands. Keep fightin bro

  4. teenstitsandasses on

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